Released Unreleased Colours

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Released Unreleased Colours

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With the release of the Tyrannian Buzz, I thought I'd go through and see which of the other previously unreleased colours have since come to pass. Because both Glass and Stone are retired colours, I will not be including them on this list.

Juppie Swirl Chia Image
Sponge Techo Image

Strawberry Chia ImageImage
Faerie Eyrie ImageImage
Desert Gelert ImageImage
Faerie Hissi ImageImage
Snow Jubjub ImageImage
Camouflage Lenny ImageImage
Starry Moehog ImageImage
Darigan Poogle ImageImage
Speckled Quiggle ImageImage
Robot Scorchio ImageImage
Sketch Scorchio ImageImage
Sponge Shoyru ImageImage
Speckled Skeith ImageImage
Mutant Uni ImageImage
Rainbow Xweetok ImageImage
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