Flaking...name changing on an old pet?

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Flaking...name changing on an old pet?

Post by Fjorab_Teke »

OK, so you can't change pets' names on Neopets. But a better-spelled version of my Island Uni's name was clear, so i essentially created a duplicate of her. Now that i've done it, i'm not sure, and i've got an expensive experiment on my accounts. I have to wait a week until i can transfer the new Tigerfilly and see how i like her side-by-side compared to TygerFilly - who has an aged Zebba and a Cooty. I may or may not keep both, or Karabyn (Maraquan Uni) might go up for adoption. If any of you are dying for any of the three as they are, let me know, and it might sway my thoughts on the matter.
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Re: Flaking...name changing on an old pet?

Post by Usul_Princess »

Heh, you painted her awfully fast! Tyger is quite old, and it might make an interesting story if you kept them both.

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