Graphic resources?

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Graphic resources?

Post by Griffin »

I've been tinkering a little with my profile which has been basic since the Great Site Revamp of Longer Ago than I Care to Remember. I noticed that a lot of lookup spotlight winners have large, clear graphics and stuff. Anyone know some good sites that showcase official art, and things like trading cards or shopkeepers? I know there used to be a section on Neo for wallpapers and things, but I honestly cannot find it. Sometimes I can't even find my own inventory.
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Re: Graphic resources?

Post by Kantark »

Try Dr.Sloth's Image Emporium, which is run by Jellyneo I think. I usd this to find the old header images that Neo used way back when. It seems to have just about everything on there!
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Re: Graphic resources?

Post by Jamie »

Speaking of graphics, I was simultaneously in this thread and on the Neopets news page, and this upset me so much.

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Re: Graphic resources?

Post by thelonetiel »

On my one-day-to-be-completed HTML guide, I have a list I compiled of places to look for images. I hope it is useful to you. ^^

I definitely love Dr. Sloth, it is a great place to look for things when you want something specific.
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