Pet lookup help?

General help with pet/account decisions, galleries, CSS/HTML and so on.
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Pet lookup help?

Post by NeoQwerty »

I think I can kludge through most of the pet lookup fanciness by now... But I want to know if there's any way you can move the "Statistics" section.

Say, put it where "Description" is, and place Description where Statistics was? Or in a pinch, be able to somehow push a picture between "Owner" (and pet blurb) and the "Attributes" section (with the age and battledome stats and stuff).

My goal is basically to display a picture of my pet next to the customization picture so that when people check the lookup, it's one of the first things they see but NOT an oversized header.

Is it possible?
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Re: Pet lookup help?

Post by thelonetiel »

Definitely possible. Easy? Not so much. You can't use any sort of CSS positioning on pet lookups - you have to rely on messing with margins and paddings to get things to move out of the way for you.

I did something with a similar goal in mind on Zolais's lookup.

I didn't want to get rid of the flash image, but it certainly didn't match how my Zolais looks in my head. That was accomplished using... either margins or padding, increasing those on the TD that the flash image is in so that the entire thing appears to move down, and the image itself is the background for that part of the page. You could easily do something similar with the stats part. The harder part I'd imagine would be moving the description text, though you can kludge an image easily by just putting in in the background.

It's been a while since I coded it - two years? - so I can't explain the details perfectly, but feel free to rummage through the source code to figure out anything useful.

I know I've also seen people swap the flash image and the stats by changing the direction of the text using CSS, which transposes the cells.

Good luck figuring it out, pet lookups are the move painful things to code neatly in my experience.
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