Best Pet Colors?

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Best Pet Colors?

Post by 11th »

Hello, NC. :)

Because I took a long break from Neo, I'm not that up to speed on new colors or pets. Since I have an FFQ and enough NP, I'd like to fix up some of my pets.

So, NC, in your opinion, what are the best color/species combos that have come out recently?
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Re: Best Pet Colors?

Post by Kantark »

Ooh.. looking back there have been some really nice pets out recently...

Most recently either of the Wraith pets that were released yesterday are, I think, the best of the colour. Preceding that, I was quite taken with the Water Zafara too.

There have been a couple of Eventide pets, which are an interesting concept but I don't think we've seen the best of the colour yet.

The new(ish) Swamp Gas doesn't really float my boat but it's well realised and may appeal...

We've had a couple of innovative Woodland pets - the unusual graduated shading of the Grundo and the bush-like Skeith are worth a shout.

Honourable mention to the multitude of extremely shiny Gold and Silver pets we've also had this year. Some of those are pretty fine.
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