Petpet matches for two pets

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Petpet matches for two pets

Post by Jamie »

Hey guys! I seem to make these boards every now and then I know, but I'm terrible at being happy with my own choices. I've recently traded for two new permies and would love a nice petpet for each of them. Price isn't really an issue, although I probably wouldn't get a Bartamus or Marafin, haha. I'm looking for petpets that match the colours predominately. Would also be nice if they suit the character as well, with Twdore being a Prince and Urlexia being a Doll. So, here are the two pets:

Twdore the Uc Royalboy Shoyru


Urlexia the Uc Usukigirl Usul
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Re: Petpet matches for two pets

Post by _neo_kami_91 »

I quite like the Royal Quetzal for Twdore... ... f_color=42

The Pink Tasu seems quite Usuki-girly, being pink leopard print and all that. ... f_color=26

EDIT: The Pink Drugal is also nice. It reminds me of a long-haired Shih Tsu that celebrities carry round in their handbags.
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Re: Petpet matches for two pets

Post by Larkspurlane »

Aww I totally missed this thread when you first posted it. My thoughts... those deep purples/greens are hard to find a match for, so I went more with mood than with colour.


Closest colour match I found, but I'm not keen on the petpet's tongues...

Thank you for the av and sig set!
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