Good free HTML Editor?

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Good free HTML Editor?

Post by Fjorab_Teke »

I put this title broader than my specific questions in case anyone else wants to use it for their questions.

What prompted this was Neopets' new Premium service features, which no longer includes Portal. This means all my dailies are gone or out of order.

I've made some simple webpages in the past, so i know some basic HTML. But my new dailies list has me completely befuddled. I can't pinpoint any one element that's causing it to be broken, a mostly-useless block of HTML-looking text. I've gone to the W3schools website to try out the various pieces, and as a whole it spits out an error - but when i try it piece by piece, it comes out looking just fine - until i put in the whole thing again.

I can see the HTML document just fine in Firefox, and it is indeed an .html file, but that's just the thing - it looks like a document in Firefox, not a useful page of links.

Do any of you know if Firefox has an in-browser HTML editor or some handy/tested/trustable add-on for such? That might work out better for what i need it to do. I don't want to just keep all my daily Neo links butchered up wrong on Mammagamma's petpage. And if i had more options for this, i might find even more use for it.

EDIT: Well gee, it looks fine if i brutally rename my boring little .txt file as .html and look at it instead of just using it as a copy-paste launchpad, but i'm going to keep this here in case any of you have better ideas. Whodathunk that an HTML editing word processor would gum it up so badly with hidden formatting commands? (shame on you, OpenOffice)

I'll play with it more later with images, frequency tables, open-in-new-window, and such. But for now, yay, i have a working Neo Dailies launch page.
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