Something is driving me nuts...

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Something is driving me nuts...

Post by Katy... :) »

WHY??? :shock:

My Baby Grarrl looks like this in it's mini version:

...and like this in the full size version:

Why is there a line around her mouth in the small version!?!
It makes her look like she has a mustache!! ...and there is something very wrong with a baby girl having a MUSTACHE!!

I know no one can fix it. I just had to vent. I've been noticing it since I got her and it's making me crazy enough to possibly change her. :x
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Re: Something is driving me nuts...

Post by covet »

That would irritate me too - try submitting a ticket or writing to the editorial?
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Re: Something is driving me nuts...

Post by EofS »

5 o'clock shadow grarrl! Love it. I mean, I'm sure it's really annoying. But it's also kind of awesome.
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