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For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 02:06 pm
by Larkspurlane
H-hello?? She cried into the void...

Since I am not sure if anyone is still here I will make my long story short: logged back into neo on a whim; found out with great delight that everyone can now have five pets, transfered my UC fae peo to main. Let's do some old skool ~aesthetics~ discussion on a petpet match!! This board was THE BEST at that stuff. I also have fond memories of the pretty items thread, I gotta go find that again.

Her name is Lanierenna. My old art of her is looking real fuzzy and small on our giant new monitors, 10 years later.


Her current match is a Belonthiss. I think at the time I attached it I cherished some optimistic daydream that a faerie version would come out one day. I checked the available colours and the only other one available is... mutant. Meh!

Image Image

I am looking for something light, pretty, winged or finned, colour matchy-match 'cause I'm a basic bitch, hit me up with your ideas... Budget is dumb, like 10 million, I ain't got nothing left to save for now!

Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 03:54 pm
by Madge
Unfortunately, I'm not great at petpet matches, especially with it being about 3 years since I played neopets (my account got broken into, and I honestly don't want to put myself through their tech support, no matter how good it might be).

I just wanted to let you know that even on my shiny new monitor I still gasped when I saw your picture, I remember it fondly!

So I'm going to do my best. Petpet art is really... terrible by modern internet standards, isn't it?


(I didn't just go through the faerie ones for the record but none of the purple or maraquan ones struck my fancy, so here we are!)

Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 04:28 pm
by Larkspurlane

So shitty to hear you're frozen -- I loved your collection of pets. Sail!! And your userlookup with like only the first parts of their names! And your old lady chomby!

All of my sides were either frozen for my protection or taken over & I'm locked out. This includes the side where Dyhol was housed, the mara eyrie you gave me way back when. (Actually, he is my icon here!! haha)

BUT I posted on the highway to help thread in the help chat yesterday and literally got 2 of them unfrozen within 45 minutes... on a Sunday. So I've sent in a ticket for Dyhol's side + 1 other, we will see. The key info seems to be DOB and past email addresses associated with that account -- everything else they asked for, I was only able to give very vague answers to, but I did know those things for sure.

That being said, I totally get you not being in the mood to deal. I honestly just did it because someone told me their CS had become way less garbage. I did not expect to be impressed. A gal called "Alice" is earning her keep at Jumpstart, 10/10.

Man, poking around the old forum is so great. We had some prime-ass bitching sessions about various TNT decisions here. So many opinions!! I used to care so much!!

I suppose the point of my post was the petpets and you know, I've always had a fondness for the faerie dandan, so thank you for reminding me that it exists 'cause I think I'll buy one just for the adorableness. I already have a faerie snowickle attached to my faerie ixi but omfg they were so cute.

I'm gonna stick around if life permits, to try to achieve my ultimate neogoal from the golden days -- a prettily named UC faerie draik. If I get one I might even dust off the tablet and draw something!!

Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 04:57 pm
by Madge
I'll PM you the address of the facebook group, if you like. It's not any more active than the forum, but you know, it's something.

Are you located in EU at all? I'm in Paris until the end of November and looking for excuses to flit around the continent and meet people :)

Also I'm impressed you remember all that about me - even I forgot about the first part of their name userlookup! Though I remember the pixel "art" I made by tracing official neopets art, that was really fun in a mind numbing sort of way :)

Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 06:26 pm
by Ailiel
Hi Lark!

I have a Maraquan Pofew with mine Ophacia which was an excuse to have a Maraquan Pofew as it's my favorite petpet. I used to have a Faerie Dandan, but that wasn't quite the thing.


It works better with her usual customization, but her stuff is still on another account. I also did some rearranging with the new 5 pet limit.

I'll have to search to see if I can find any other matches, I love petpet matching! It's crazy that the Faerie PPPB is more expensive that the regular version.

Also Madge, could you PM me the FB group too? I'm in Neopets Nation on Facebook but I miss Neocolours.

Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 18 Jun 2019 10:03 pm
by Larkspurlane
Hey Madge -- I'm not on FB, but thanks for offering!! It's funny, I remember some things from those years very clearly, and your neo stuff is one of those vivid memories (including yes, the pixel pets**)! Meanwhile, I only remember 2 "VIPs" from my NFs list on the site and barely remember the others. l o l

I'm in Canada so I cannot partake in your continental flitting, but if I do head that way it would be so fun to meet up!

** your elderly chomby had a bomb-ass backstory about being a matriarch for her clan or something, it was so original and cool

AILIEL!! Ok, Ophacia is gorgeous, her name reminds me of Ophelia, which is perfect for a beautiful delicate thing underwater (except your pet is not tragically dead. OK). I associate that petpet with you so closely 'cause of your NC icon.

I'm quite interested @ the petpet pb price hike, I wonder what drove that? Did the pppbs get retired?

So I was poking around the Editorial and saw asks about petpet colours... I submited a request for a faerie belonthiss. I will wait a few months before unattaching this one (he has been with her for 7 years at this point). But I might still buy the pofew and dandan just to have. Don't have any other use for my NPs anyway!

Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 20 Jun 2019 12:21 am
by Usul_Princess
Lark! OMG

I lurk every three years or so. It's nice to see the beautiful artwork you've done. I've always loved expensive Maraquan matches with "animated" faerie pets. The movement looks sleek. This is my personal favorite.


Not sure about PPB prices though. I just want to blow the rest of my money on a Turmac and a Mootix as my last match.
I recently had my account unfrozen from some hacking trade fuckery. I got both my Usuls back after 15 days and an 8-page lifestory how the account was mine. I don't know if it's worth it if it happens again.

um.... o_O I checked the Trading post. I didn't know petpetpets were such a commodity now. The inflation. Geez.

Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 21 Jul 2019 09:15 pm
by Larkspurlane
U_P!! So happy to see familiar faces here!! Sorry for my delay, I had an issue logging back in but now I can again (I suspect Jazzy had a hand in it, thank you!). LOVE the 'wickle idea! And I agree on blowing your money. I am, however, a bad influence. I am also floored @ p3 prices, wat???

DEAR MADGE: follow up, my side with Dyhol on it was unfrozen!! DO U REMEMBER


God that's old. Whoever was in the account removed all the petpets I had attached, including his mara gallion :( and my RG peo's faerie peo... my fault for not PIN'ing. There were only converted pets on that account, so I guess they didn't see anything else worthwhile... but at least I have the pets.

BONUS: gift art from Madge that was on Oceanyd's petpage:



Re: For old time's sake - a petpet match discussion

Posted: 22 Jul 2019 08:42 am
by Madge
i loved making those little barrel and sticks art projects :) cyanide and happiness inspired me...