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Warhammer Online

Post by AngharadTy » 20 Apr 2009 02:25 am

Does anyone from here play WAR?

My main char is on Dark Crag, which is open PVP. I am part of Destruction; I have a witch elf. Derek plays, too. We haven't been playing that long; we're only level 22-ish right now. We're part of a guild set up with our friends and all, which is mainly nice for now if we get stuck and need help from someone who we can be pretty sure is not a complete ass. Our guild is recruiting people who genuinely wanna play, especially tanks and healers, but especially especially tanks.

I also made some Order characters on Praag but I play them much less. Destro = win.

If you don't play WAR but are interested, I can give you a free 10 day trial code. If you do sign up and pay for a month at some point, then I get a free month, if you use my code. But I have plenty of codes, so if you just want to try it, I would in no way pressure you to pay just so I can get a free month. ;D

Oh, and the PC requirements are actually not too bad--my computer runs it almost flawlessly on high settings, and it looks pretty damn nice, too. (Especially my witch elf's ass.) Derek's computer runs it better, of course, but that's true of everything we play!
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