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Re: Vesnali

Post by Jessi »

I'm mostly just glad I got this pretty little thing:


Soooo lovely!

I'm only missing ONE of the new flowers that was released this year and it's mostly because I don't want to shell out 250k for it - I went and bought the other 4 or 5 flowers I lacked.
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Re: Vesnali

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Ierosbats wrote:Apparently you needed to hit a count of 250 (split any way between picking up trash and donating seeds) to get the rake and the diary.
I missed a book because of some secret bs hit count?! :?

So, yeah, count me among those heavily annoyed by the invisible seed/garbage tier. I stopped at 50 because that's where the achievement stopped and AFAIK I didn't have an incentive to buy any more seeds.
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