Fan Sites (specific part of the new Hub)

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Re: Fan Sites (specific part of the new Hub)

Post by _neo_kami_91 » 08 Aug 2012 12:37 am

Usul_Princess wrote:I thought of NC too. But would they feature a site that isn't 100% dedicated to Neo?
My next thought is that it would bring the "wrong" age demographic here. Not that 13 and under isn't allowed, but an influx of young kids bothers me..

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Re: Fan Sites (specific part of the new Hub)

Post by Darigan » 08 Aug 2012 08:09 am

I would like to see NC featured, but I sincerely doubt Neo would link to a place where you get away with saying 'fuck'.
I may be wrong, but I believe that, for it to happen, the rules here would need to be more like the neoboards' rules.

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Re: Fan Sites (specific part of the new Hub)

Post by Fjorab_Teke » 02 Oct 2012 04:43 am

Nudging this to say more sites have been added, including a few i'd never heard of (or didn't feel safe going to because i didn't know them). So that's cool.

I don't see Neocolours on there (yet), though.

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Re: Fan Sites (specific part of the new Hub)

Post by Jazzy » 02 Oct 2012 06:15 pm

Ooh, I'm glad they're doing something with it. I'd held off bothering with it because I wasn't convinced they were actually dealing with submissions, but I am going to go ahead and submit Neocolours to it. (By the way, so people are aware: all the mods have agreed to this, too.)

Consider this everyone's warning if there's anything you want to rescind in the meantime!

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