Roo Island update

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Roo Island update

Post by Larkspurlane »

Storytelling, poetry and art gallery all moved there & out of the Catacombs, so I'm guessing this page is going to get a revamp soon!
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Re: Roo Island update

Post by Gumdrops »

Everything but the Coin Shop and the Neopian Times was moved to Roo Island.
Neopia Central is probably gonna be getting an update pretty soon. I think the Catacombs will be done away with.

The New Roo Island is gorgeous, but I was hoping for some animation. The Merry Go Round at the very least.

The gold star loading thing appears to be new as well.

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Re: Roo Island update

Post by Cranberry »

It's so pretty! With these maps I almost wish the labels weren't so big, though; they obscure a lot of the map. Still very happy to see Roo Island (the land I always play for in the Altador Cup) get an update. :)

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Re: Roo Island update

Post by Seerow »

I'm gonna be sad the Catacombs are gone. I always liked it for some odd reason, even though I never did anything there :P

The new Roo Island map is very pretty and I'm actually happy it doesn't have animations as I usually find them distracting. I'll agree with the large signs though, they are hard to read too. I'm happy more lands are getting redone in a sort of miniplot sort of way, it makes it a bit more exciting.
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Re: Roo Island update

Post by Darigan »

I was not expecting the mini plot would end in a revamp.
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Re: Roo Island update

Post by Color Wheel »

It's so beautiful! :3 Me mucho gusto TNT!~

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Re: Roo Island update

Post by Kantark »

Very pretty map, I wondered where all the extra stuff had come from. It does look a little bit cluttered (big lables don't help).

It's a bit of a shame the Catacombs are going to be filled in. I guess it's not worth saving as a part of the site on its own - it's hard to find, there's not much in it that isn't linked more prominently elsewhere on the site, and the artwork is even more dated than Roo Island was... those pets are about three iterations behind.
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