New Mini Pack in the NC Mall

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New Mini Pack in the NC Mall

Post by Gagarox »

Has anyone caught sight of the new mini pack in the NC Mall. It's called the Gothic School Girl Mini Pack.
Image Image Image Image Image
The Gothic School Girl Satchel is a bonus if you buy the whole pack. This pack can be purchased at the NC Mall for 450 NC. Hope you have a great time with this clothing pack.

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Re: New Mini Pack in the NC Mall

Post by AngharadTy »

That satchel is really cute. I'd like one in real life.
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Re: New Mini Pack in the NC Mall

Post by Huggles »

I also want one IRL. I recently started browsing jewelry and accessories online, and discovered the works of Alexander McQueen. Skulls. Skulls and studs and brass knuckles everywhere. Look him up, or don't if you're not a hojillionaire.

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