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For discussion of the Subeta pet site, including new colours and other features.
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Re: Peka Boo

Post by TCStarwind »

Either the wishing shrub is still being ridiculous, or I'm too slow to grab the reasonable ones, because I can't find anything in my price range to grant. :(

Would I be able to ask a favor or two? Would anyone with a VIP pass be able to grab some items for me? I can totally pay you back. :) And would anybody lend me and Eddie Bell item for the free thing?
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Re: Peka Boo

Post by Marah »

I would also love for a VIp tohelp me buy some things (will pay you back of course)

So far I have been able to grant one wish. :( I can't really call that fun.
I'm also not a big fan of the support the band game (too much like slinging slushies) but I have been playing a bit in support of the granny smiths.
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Re: Peka Boo

Post by Cranberry »

I can grab VIP stuff for people today; mail me on Subeta and tell me what you want!
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Re: Peka Boo

Post by Joey »

Overall I was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing. The unnecessary exclusion of the VIP passes, the frustratingly expensive wishing shrub, the pointless goat... The battle of the bands at least had an air of fun about it, even if I couldn't bring myself to socialize or care about it aside from a few attempts at the minigame. Seriously the only thing that I was actually excited about were all the beautiful new instrument wearables and revamps for treasure chests and such.

I seriously hope that all the focus on CSC isn't where the site is going from now on.
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