Desert Diplomacy (plot/event/puzzle)

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Re: Desert Diplomacy (plot/event/puzzle)

Post by Cranberry »

I would have liked a trophy! I don't play Neo anymore aside from events (and I accidentally missed the Altador Cup this year -- signed up for Roo Island as usual but never played a game), so I don't care about the prizes. They seem good for a small plot, though.

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Re: Desert Diplomacy (plot/event/puzzle)

Post by Silver Link »

I'm fine with a small plot but there was very little news about it. They didn't announce when it ended and barely mentioned it throughout its run

I know they plan things in advance but this seemed a little too hastily put together

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Re: Desert Diplomacy (plot/event/puzzle)

Post by Marah »

I got all the items and I was very happy with it. I didn't think of it as a plot, but simply as a puzzle. I enjoy these kind of puzzles so I had fun doing it and I'm grateful that signing in every day wasn't a requirement for an extra prize. I liked my prizes. Wouldn't have minded a trophy because trophies are fun, but I enjoyed doing the actual event, so I'm good.

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Re: Desert Diplomacy (plot/event/puzzle)

Post by Fjorab_Teke »

I got all the prizes (even all the NC stuff that I plunked down for)...except for the one you get for submitting your answer on the first day. That's OK; I just bought one after the fact. I tend to hoard site event prizes.

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