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Archive for May 2008:

Snot and Starry Moehogs

When I saw the news for moehog day, I noticed the clothed moehogs at the top and immediately thought they were new royals. But no, they were just wearing the new moehog day clothes- which, for the "boy" outfit, do look somewhat royal. They're also probably nicer than the real royalboy moehog, I think.

The actual colours, then, were something of a letdown. I can't look at snot pets for very long without feeling sick, so I don't have very much to say. I guess perhaps the tusks would have looked better if they were white, as a contrast against the drippy snot.

Starry is not very much more exciting, but it isn't revolting, at least. Feel free to make a comparison with the old unreleased version here. Personally, I prefer the new one, though I think the yellow mane looks better than the orange one of the new version. The yellow tail also looks rather daft, I think.

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Fire and Pirate for Hissi Day

It still bugs me that the Hissi's wings were turned into arms, but I'll try to set that aside for this post, as both these colors are actually pretty good.

Fire is bright and flashy, much higher contrast than a lot of fire pets. It almost hurts to look at it, actually. There's maybe a little more yellow than I would like, particularly on the end of the tail, but it certainly does make it stand out. I was going to say that it seems to have a higher percentage of the body covered by flames than most pets, but the stomach is gray and accounts for a lot, and the front sides of the wings/arms are almost solid black. So I guess it's just that the flames really jump out at you. They seem a lot more intense than usual, somehow. Possibly it's the brighter shade of red, combined with the unusually dark black. If you're looking for a fire pet, this is one that makes the most of the color.

The Pirate hissi, I think, would have done better to avoid the whole subject of pants. They don't work on snakes. Or maybe it's a skirt? Either way, it looks odd. The rest of the pet is nice, though. The jacket is wonderfully dashing, with nice gold trim and epaulets, and an elegant collar. The hat is unusual, avoiding the more stereotypical pirate hats for a niftier version, complete with feathers and tiny skull (which is stereotypical, but hey). No earrings, since it has no ears, but there is a ring on the end of the tail - it looks like it might fall off as soon as the hissi tries to move, but it's very pretty. Finally, there appears to be the beginning of a scar over the right eye, although all you can really see of it is the tip - looks a bit odd and maybe would have been better left off. All in all, though, a good pet.

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Camouflage and Disco Lupes

Last year, the Lupe was the second pet to get new colours under Customisation, and neither were really very interesting: ice and speckled never were especially interesting colours to start with. Of the colours remaining for the Lupe, the ones we got probably had the most potential. However, they are also some of the most hit-and-miss in terms of results.

Camouflage has two main elements: colour and pattern placing. The latter has been executed well, with no huge blobs of colour and appearing to follow the contours of the body. The colour choice is, I presume, intended for camouflage in Terror Mountain with snowy or icy terrain. To me, it seems too dark and intense for that purpose exactly, but I'm struggling to think quite where else Lupes would be where you'd find those colours- in the middle of a bright blue sky? Underwater? At a swimming pool? None of those seem very likely situations for this pet. Being less fussy, the choice of cool colours is a good one and overall the effect is fine.

The biggest problem with this pet, as I see it, and with most other camouflage pets, is that the shading is lost. Had paler colours been chosen, it might have been easier to see the shading without the contrast in shaded and unshaded areas having to be so great that it looked silly (see the camouflage Elephante which I think pulls it off pretty well). As it is, the contrast is very low and so the shading is almost invisible.

The base colour for the disco Lupe is the usual disco green. It works well enough, but perhaps it might have been nice to have had one of the less common base colours. The choice of pink to accompany it is, I think, less good- yellow might have been better. The patterning on the pink contrast parts does not work, in my opinion, particularly on the end of the tail- it results in the pet looking too busy overall. On the other hand, the shading has worked well. What is missing is an accessory- if it wasn't very good, it could have been removed, but it would have been nice to see the artist make an attempt at something. There isn't much of an excuse for it now it is possible for people to take accessories off if they wish, and a medallion or neckscarf might even have looked good on the Lupe.

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