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Archive for November 2008:

Chocolate and Zombie Pteris

I like chocolate. I like chocolate a lot... and I like a lot of chocolate. However, I really don't like chocolate Neopets. I think maybe this is because they don't really look very much like chocolate, but also because there are always ugly additions to the pets in the form of candy corn and whipped cream. The candy corn beak was perhaps an inspired idea that ended up looking a bit odd, as if it was going to snap off any second, and that mental image is sort of disturbing and icky.

The whipped cream on its tail is okay, though somewhat implausible (how is it staying on?) but on its head it looks like another bird has done a dropping on it. The white chocolate feet are nice enough, though I'm not sure about the uneven line on its chest, I'm assuming it's supposed to be where the different kind of chocolate have blended. Finally, I find the icing rather distracting and busy, and besides, why would you want icing on your chocolate? I've never understood that.

In complete contrast to the Chocolate Pteri with its unfortunately adorned head, the Zombie Pteri could easily compete for the Baldest Pet in Neopia award if such a thing existed. It's almost skull like, which is not really a bad thing for this pet. The base colour is the usual pale grey-green colour, as with all but one of the other Zombie pets (the exception is the buzz), though underneath the shirt the sage green colour used on the insides of the wings is showing. It's hard to tell without seeing an undressed version, but possibly its chest is that same colour. I'm not sure that was the wisest choice, because it could easily look like the Pteri was wearing a sage green leotard if the boundary between the two colours is very sharp.

The clothes are fairly ragged, though not as dirty and textured as many of the other Zombie pets. The scars look good, though quite how they work with the feathers I'm not sure, it's probably best not to think about that too much... There aren't many spots, which I prefer- the Zombie Jetsam has too many and looks like he has the Zombie Measles. Finally, the choice of colour for the beak and the feet. It's the same colour as used in the ears of the Cybunny and Aisha and for them it worked well. I don't think it was the right choice of colour for the beak or the feet, though, because it's too great a contrast and maybe too vibrant for a faded and undead creature. Grey or sage green would have been better, I think.

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