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Archive for August 2009:

Chocolate and Speckled Kyrii

Chocolate has become one of the most released new colours since customisation began. With the other food colours, they have been very variable in quality.The Chocolate Kyrii is not one of the best, in my opinion. The first thing that strikes me is the whipped cream mane. It is a rather obvious choice- something had to be done with the mane hair, after all- but the sprinkles look like ants crawling all over it. The chest looks like the worst of Custard (or whatever alternatives you interpret Custard pets as).

There have also been many Speckled pets since customisation, but they have tended to fare rather better than the food colours. The Speckled Kyrii has been done in the more subtle style with very small white speckles as opposed to big white splots. It is not quite as successful as the Peophin or Kau, however, partly because the white extremities (feet, hands, muzzle) have no contrasting body parts (unlike the hooves on the Peophin and Kau, for example). The plain dark green hair and mane do look good, though, and help to avoid the pet look too busy.

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Mutant Pteri

The latest in mutant pets is another winner. The Mutant Pteri looks almost like a cockatrice from legend - a mixture of avian and reptilian features blended seemlessly together for an awesome-looking pet. Mutant pets in general have been getting some really awsome appearances, and ever since the Mutant Yurble many of them seem to have a theme that seems slightly aquatic - or mayby the artist really loves H.P. Lovecraft.

In any case the Mutant Pteri is a redraw, and even though Mutants cannot wear clothing, the most recent ones would probably look just as wel without any. Comments may be made here (yes, it's the same as the Grundo thread - just go with it).

Camouflage and Zombie Grundos

Another pet day and another Camouflage pet in improbable colours, this time being brownish shades of pink and red. The effect is not pleasing, and the poor Grundo looks like an uncooked sausage. There is no environment in Neopia that I know of where such shades would be a useful aid to concealment. The Camouflage colour seems to have been reduced to a camouflage pattern executed in whichever colours have not been used recently for another Camo pet. The standard red eyes also clash in a not particularly nice way (although perhaps they were the prompt for the artist to use the reds and pinks?).

I have never really been that interested in zombies, and so I have to confess a certain amount of ignorance as to what one should actually look like. The Zombie Grundo follows the other Zombie pets in a fairly standard format, though it lacks the obvious scars on the skulls of other pets. The eyes achieve a certain amount of lifelessness, but given that the Grundo's eyes have no pupils anyway, it is harder to make a distinction. It is not yet clear whether the ripped shirt exposes threads of fabric or bones (the latter seems unlikely). Overall, it is acceptable, but not stunning.

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Ghost and Striped Meerca

Ghost is rather typical for a Ghost pet, vaguely vacant expression, grayish coloration, soulless red eyes, etc. Striped on the other hand is a perfect example of what happens when you don't constrain an artist. Striped looks like a chipmunk, and not a blue and pink one either. Naturalistic colours always seem to make a pet look more interesting, and the Meerca is no exception.

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Chocolate and Silver Blumaroos

Chocolate Neopets often seem to tread a fine line between tasty and tasteless. Fortunately for Blumaroo fans, the Chocolate Blumaroo is not too bad. There are no excesses of frosting/cream/white stuff, the sprinkles are cute and the icing lines on the arms, feet and tail are interesting little accents. The tummy swirl is rather odd, though, almost as if the Blumaroo is trying to hide his pot belly with icing to disguise the shading... The upside down cherries are also slightly strange. Overall, it's not a bad chocolate pet, but not outstanding either.

Silver is very simple, but it has come out well- it isn't excessively shiny, but neither is it simply grey. The coloured lineart is also good, except where the mouth has apparently been forgotten and is the usual black.

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Darigan Kiko

The Darigan Kiko was not announced in the news but nonetheless appears at the Rainbow Pool. It's purple, has bat-like wings, and red eyes along with some random spikes, so it meets the qualification of most Darigan pets. Other than that it's a Darigan Kiko, it's not horrible but it's not wonderful either. Have an opinion - share it here.