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Archive for September 2009:

Halloween and Glowing Skeith (late)

Apologies for the late news. The Glowing Skeith we got for Skeith Day is nothing too much to write about, it follows the same basic scheme as all other Glowing pets, though their tails seem a bit extra shiny, probably in imitation of the Glowing Buzz. Their back spikes also seem unusually light, so perhaps Neopets was going for a more 'Godzilla' look.

The Halloween Skeith is an interesting creation, being a fairly cool Frankenstein monster. The bipartite colours, bolts, shoes, and ragged clothing add to the effect, though they also make it look oddly like a Zombie too. There's not much else for me to say about this pet, but other comments are welcome here.

Faerie Hissi

Though long in the 'unreleased' category of pets it seems as though Neopets is finally going to release the Faerie Hissi. As might be expected the new Faerie doesn't quite match the old unreleased one. While the unreleased one was covered in feathers the new one simply has feathered wings but is otherwise scaly. This is not a bad thing, however, since it actually looks pretty cool and is different than the usual Faerie pet in the fact that the wings don't look simply tacked on. The blues and purples are pretty and very soothing, though the belly could have, perhaps, been better off as cream rather than blue. Thoughts on the Faerie Hissi may be had and posted here.

Maraquan and Shadow Poogles

The Maraquan Poogle is the first Maraquan pet since customisation began- it's been such a long time that many people thought TNT wouldn't release any new Maraquan pets. Up to now, the only redraws we have had are the mutants (which, while not to everyone's taste, haven't been lacking in originality) and the Onion Chia (which was instantly forgettable). And, given that many Maraquan pets were redrawn with no apparent point (since they still cannot wear clothing), fans of the Maraquan colour have good reason to feel annoyed.

The Maraquan Poogle, at first glance, is very odd. Its front legs seem to have been swapped with its ears, so that it had legs sticking out of its head. Its body is onion shaped, and the things dangling from the chest I won't even ask about. And then you realise that maybe this is meant to be a hammerhead shark. The pose is so odd, though, that it looks very squashed- presumably so that the standard head and expressions could be used. In fact, it looks very much like the head was pasted onto the body, and the tail pasted behind. I still can't identify the chest danglers (I will freely admit to very little knowledge of sharks and associated aquatic creatures). The gills on the cheeks are a nice touch, but cannot save the pet overall.

Shadow does exactly what it says- the sort of pet you think probably already existed. I think it would have looked better with shades of grey, rather than blue, for the stripes; the blue would have looked rather nice for the eyes- in fact, most Poogles have self-coloured eyes so quite where the acid green has come from, I don't know, but it would have looked better in something more subtle (for both pets).

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Chocolate Gnorbu

The Chocolate Gnorbu is not too bad, though the whip cream for it's mane looks oddly more beard-like than usual. There are a liberal amount of sprinkles, but besides them there's not much that actually jumps out and screams 'Chocolate' to me. I'm kind of surprised that they didn't use dripping or designs on the pet since it has a wide-open side and the last few pets have had white drizzle. It's not a bad pet overall, just a bit bland, perhaps. Comments are welcome here.

Desert and Electric Techos

The Techo certainly didn't benefit from the new pose for customisation, getting flatter and with a sullen expression and ugly fist, making it permanently in "I'm going to beat you up" mode. The last two years' colours have probably not made Techo owners any happier- the best (robot) is lab-only and orange and pink are expensive to paint and very plain. So can this year's colours cheer up Techo owners?

Well, maybe. Desert adds some paintbrush clothing, including some rather nice bangles and a nicely done headdress. The collar's detail will be lost in anything but the largest size, and I don't like the coloured outlines used for the skirt (the Desert Draik and Krawk both have coloured outlines on their similar loincloths), but the biggest problem is the sludgy brown base colour- almost all the other Desert pets have a sandy light brown, but the Techo got an unpleasant greenish-brown. Cross-painting would probably give better results.

Electric is not bad, with plenty of light blue bolts on its body. The tail stripes are interesting, I'm not sure if I like them or not but the artist has taken care to ensure they fit the contours of the Techo's tail.

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Gold and Zombie Draiks

The Gold Draik is very interesting. The colour is not too shiny, nor is it too dull. It's just the right blend of goldenness without being too yellow as some other Gold pets have been in the past.

Zombie is another win for the colour, though I have to admit the white pupils in the light-gray eyes is a little off to me. I'd prefer if they had an actual glow to them. The wings and ear frills have these odd veins showing, which I suppose makes sense given they'd likely to be exposed, though their pinkish colour seems off given the fact that there shouldn't be blood in them. Otherwise it's a basically nice colour, including an interesting set of pants that look like something off of a werelupe.

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