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Archive for February 2010:

Strawberry and Gold Mynci

Strawberry is pretty hideous. It's not that the colour green they chose is bad, but there's simply far too much of it. The tail tip I could see, but the underbelly should have been some other colour. Pink, perhaps - or cream, or something other than green.

Gold is gold. It's nice and shiny and of the right hue not to look too yellow. The only thing somewhat disconcerting to me are the darker, brownish eyes. I think they might have done better as a shade or two lighter, but this is a minor annoyance at best. It really looks pretty decent overall, but there really isn't anything spectacular that can be done with Gold.

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Ice and Silver Tonu

Ice and Silver are probably not the colours people were hoping for on this year's Tonu day- Royal, probably, or maybe Maraquan. However, they are not as boring as you might think at first glance.

Ice is the more interesting of the two, and has been done with some thought. It is not in the style of the the smooth ice sculptures of late, but the blocky, chunky Tonu has a body shape which does mean that modelling it from ice is more plausible (excepting the tail, which doesn't look terribly likely to stay on). The shiny horn contrasts nicely with the jaggedy ruff/mane. I'm not quite so sure about the legs and body, because they look more like the work of a very inept ice sculptor. It is nice to see an ice pet which is not just pale blue and shiny, though.

Silver is more dull, except that obviously it is actually quite shiny- that being the only distinction from grey, practically. The most noticeable thing about it for me is the lack of hair, and the bald top of the head is really rather ugly. Hopefully this is just a temporary mistake and it will be put on there at a later point.

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Darigan and Speckled Chia

The Speckled Chia is fairly meh. There have been Specled pets in the past that have had more naturalistic-looking spots and, while it seems there had been a halfhearted attempt at the base of the Speckled Chia, it generally looks polka-dotted.

Darigan is surprisingly good. The colour is typical of Darigan pets, but it works here. The spikes leading from the spiky hair look really nice, though the one close to the elbow looks a bit odd. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be on the back or on the elbow itself. The wings do not look tact-on, which is definitely a bonus. The vampire fangs, horns, and claws on the feet work together well, though I think that if they wanted the squinty eyes to be menacing they should have curved them down instead of up.

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Skunk and Snot Lennies

Many years ago, the Lenny was one of the least popular pets, unloved and ugly. Then, it got some beautiful colours inspired by real life birds (the Pink Lenny flamingo, for example, and the peacock Faerie) and its popularity grew. The potential new colours for Lenny Day included Maraquan and Zombie, both of which could have been very interesting. Sadly, we got Skunk and Snot.

The Skunk Lenny is unusual, in that it is not black. For some reason, the artist has chosen to make the base colour grey- a very odd choice to make. It does not look bad, exactly, but it isn't what we expect from Skunk. Also, many of us would have hoped for the markings to resemble a real life species of bird with black and white feathers.

Snot is always a colour I have a problem reviewing- firstly, because snot is disgusting and secondly because I never know if the pet is meant to be made wholly from snot or if it is simply a pet covered in snot. The Snot Lenny looks fairly gungy, moreso than Grarrl which was the last Snot pet to be released. The puddle by its foot is slightly odd as it obscures the shape of the foot rather a lot (and will probably be difficult when it comes to putting any footwear items of clothing on the pet).

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Zombie and Chocolate Zafara

The Chocolate Zafara is pretty nice overall. The brown is medium and it has a nice white chocolate chest and reasonable use of swirls. The spikes on its back have sprinkles, which is also a nice touch. The whip-cream hairdo with sprinkles is, perhaps, typical but I sort of wish it were differently shaped. It reminds me a bit of Digimon poo...

The Zombie is also pretty okay overall. It has a fairly typical skin color and the marks of stitches on its tails. I'm not sure what the marks in the large tear on the pants are supposed to represent. My guess would be either unraveled stitching or cobwebs, but it could be marks on the skin. The odd part about the Zombie Zafara is that its muzzle and underbelly are a darker colour than the skin. This gives it almost an unshaven look, as if it somehow has a five o' clock shadow. I suppose this is okay, but I'd have much rather had it on the Pirate Zafara.

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