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Archive for May 2010:

Chocolate and Strawberry Yurble

Neopets has a team of artists, but somehow when it comes to pet colours there's a real mixed bag of results. Though not unique among colours, Chocolate and Strawberry can be two of the more painful when an artist is rushed (or seems to simply not care). The Chocolare Elephante being a case in point. Fortunately it seems the Yurbles were blessed with an artist who actually cared about what they looked like this year.

Chocolate has a lot of nice details. The whip-cream mane and tail are somewhat inevitable, but they actually look decent and have detailing. The chocolate sprinkles do not follow the contours of the whip-cream and so actually look like they were sprinkled on. The white and dark chocolate are nice touches, while the use of pattern drizzle on the knees really take advantage of the space available.

Strawberry's red may be a bit over-saturated, but the leafy mane and tail, and the slight greenery of the knuckles make up for this. In contrast the green nails on the toes look a bit silly, but at least the artist took the time not only to make sure the seeds look pretty good, but also that the belly and muzzle are not the same shade of red the rest of the body is.

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Camouflage and Gold Koi

The basic problem with Camouflage on the Koi is that it looks to be almost the same colour as Purple. You would think that an underwater pet trying to camouflage itself might do better to have blue or silver. Still, there are fishes that live in or around coral reefs that do have very colourful patterns. The markings of Camouflage are rather subdued - dark purples and pinks, mostly. It looks a bit like they've suddenly become living lava lamps to me, though.

Gold is not too bad here. Unlike the Lupe, they actually bothered to do shiny highlights as well as darker spots that help give it a more realistic look of 'goldness'. The darker fins, tail, and spine actually help this pet colour for me, even if they do look more orange than gold.

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Zombie and Relic Moehogs

The base of Zombie seems well enough. There are the usual stitches, moldiness, and vacant stare. The inside of the ears and tip of the snout look a bit odd - the snout seems to look more 'unshaven' than 'undead'. The colours on the shirt do not work well together. Fortunately it's removable.

Relic seems to be holding the trend of 'gray, craggy, and monotone' - and the rocky base looks strange in the back, almost as if the Moehog was somehow on lower ground in the front.

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Camouflage and Relic Hissi

Hissi day brings some very muddy colours- shades which express exactly how I feel about Hissi: meh. It would be difficult for me to get excited about almost any Hissi, and today's colours have amplified that feeling of ennui.

However, there is one good thing to say about Camouflage. The shades chosen are actually appropriate for once, after some really bizarre and ugly pets with patterns which would be totally useless for the purposes of camouflage. The trade-off is that this is not really much more aesthetically pleasing in its drab khaki shades.

Relic is by nature authentically drab. It is rather disappointing that exactly the same stone base is being used for every pet (the Shoyru had a couple of pebbles in a different place, the Cybunny's is identical), although I suppose this economy of time is allowing artists to draw things in more exciting colours, like Eurovision pop star style outfits (the other outfit is much prettier, in my opinion). I'm really struggling to see this as an actual stone statue, though, because the shading and the shape are so improbable. It looks like the wings could be snapped off by a passing vandal with ease, which would be an improvement in my eyes. I've always hated those wings, even before they became fists. The different coloured parts on the Hissi, the belly and the spots, are also not terribly believable if this has been carved from stone. The highlights along its back and on the wing-fists are also odd, since the sort of rough textured stone which the fissures and scuffs imply doesn't normally have that kind of highlight. In summary, it's really not convincing at all.

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Gold and Snow Lupes

Yick. While it's understandably hard to top the Spotted Lupe of last year, TNT seemed to not even bother putting any effort into these two colours.

The Gold Lupe is utterly lacking in any shininess and looks like an over-saturated yellow, which is about the best I can say for it.

Snow is slightly better. They, at least, made attempts with the coal eyes, but you'd have thought they'd do a coal nose too. The squiggles are sort of snowy, but in some places they look more like cracks in stone.

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