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Archive for November 2010:

Sketch and Maractite Usul

So Sketch is... er... Sketch. Ever since the revamp and the mandate of all pet colours becoming three-dimensional (relatively speaking) this colour has not been particularly impressive (of course, I wasn't much impressed with it before the revamp). This honestly looks more like one of those little paintable statuettes than it does an actual sketch of an Usul. Sure it's outlined in cyan and has some sketch lines here and there, but the shadows make it look 3D, which sort of ruins the point of it being a flat sketch of an Usual.

Maractite is very lovely and I sincerely hope that this colour is not forgotten for future pets (unlike Transparent, for instance). The base colour is lovely and I like how they created little swirls and lines that not only stand out, but seem to practically be glowing. Of course, it does remind me a bit of Disney's Atlantis movie, which had similar swirls of glowing colours, but that's not a bad thing at all. The ruff, head, and chest all show that it's meant to be some sort of metal and have a nice shine to them. Overall I think this is a really beautiful colour that I sincerely hope TNT gives to more pets.

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Royal Gnorbus

As a surprise for Neopet's birthday we got the Royal Gnorbus. These are not too shabby, though I'm a bit surprised they didn't go with more Shenkuu or even Incanesque royals. It's odd, but it almost seems as if the art for the clothing is beginning to exceed the art for the pets.

The Royal Boy has a nice base blue and the greens of the shirt go with it well, as do the red pants and lighter blue robe. The crown is also very nice and the inside matches the green of the shirt. The use of yellow decorations is a nice touch and I like the spats and shoes. The purple eyes match those of the Royal Girl, which I think is interesting.

The Royal Girl has a lovely lace ruff and her dress almost, but does not quite, match the colour of the Royal Boy's. I find the bun in the back of the dress to be absolutely hilarious. The frillier crown and the use of yellows and greens make her dress look pretty elegant. The only thing that I can't figure out is why the inside of her ears are green.

As an interesting side-note the smaller images have different eye and ear colours than those of the larger images (at least they do as of the time of this writing). In the smaller images the eyes and ears match whereas in the larger images they don't.

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Gold and Woodland Pteri

The Gold Pteri is very nicely done. It's very shiny but not too shiny, and the darker parts help to emphasize that it's actually metal and not simply yellow. The shade of gold is very nice too. Occasionally Gold tends to look a bit washed out or more similar to butter or simply not shiny enough to convey the idea of metal. All that said, Gold is still more or less a colourfill and there's not a great deal more to say on it.

Woodland hasn't shown up in a while, so I'm happy to see it again. It again shows what the Neopets team is capable of when they really try. There's lots of nice, delicate shading and an excellent use of slightly darker and lighter wood colours for the belly and under-wing as opposed to the over-wing and body. Logical use of grain patterns also help to make the different segments of the Woodland Pteri look as though they are actually carved from wood.

The tail of the Pteri is covered in leaves, which I suppose makes sense since the tail normally looks like a big leaf anyway. The sprig on the folded-down wing is a nice touch. The grass on the head is a nice touch, though I wish they'd have had it cover a bit more area to the sides so that it might seem a bit more natural. The rounded area just seems random somehow.

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