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Archive for February 2011:

Transparent And Relic Mynci

The Transparent Mynci at once looks both very adorable and very creepy. Sort of like one of the gremlins, really. You can see it acting all nice and sweet until it gets you to feed it after midnight... It'd be nice if Neopets would get the lead out and put them at the Rainbow Pool so the details would be easier to see. At least the ears aren't completely boned up like in previous Transparent pets...

Relic looks pretty nice. There are cracks on the forehead and belly and the support base seems to have some nice detailing as well. I could actually see one of these residing in someone's neogarden. Still, it's Relic, and there's not much more to say other than it's gray and rock-like.

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Woodland and Strawberry Tonu

TNT must be as desperate to see leafy greens as the rest of us Northerners - that or the person who designed the Woodland and Strawberry Kacheek decided to give it another go.

Woodland is very interesting. Instead of the generic brown they went with something more akin to birch wood, including the leaves of its mane and tail (which is a really nice detail). It took me off guard at first, but now that I look at it more, I wish it were easier to see the types of trees the other Woodland pets were made out of. The grayish colour also makes it look more like a real rhino.

Strawberry is also very nice. Like Woodland it has a mane of leaves, though it look like there are only five, and a leafy tail. The red of the body goes very well with the colour of the leaves and the seeds are not overdone. The only thing I question is the use of light green for the spots, nails, and horn. I think they might have been better off using dark red for the spots and pink for the nails and horn.

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Camouflage and Sponge Chias

Camouflage is a strange beastie of a colour here. On the one hand it looks almost like it's Booger (not Snot, just a single booger), on the other hand it's very nicely shaded and the greens and yellows used look very nice on it. I could almost see it hiding out in a tropical jungle somewhere, and I wonder if they weren't trying to get the Chia to look like some sort of strange flower.

Sponge is ... interesting. We haven't had a Sponge pet in some time, so it's nice to see they haven't forgotten the colour. Sponge looks reasonably sponge-like, though it reminds me a bit of a cucumber. The colour green they use is nice, but there's not too much else I can think to say about it.

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Grey and Electric Lennies

Grey was a much better colour before the revamp because it meant the pet would normally get a defeated-looking pose to go with it. I can't say I fully understand the dark pink parts of this colour (yes, I know, red eyes from crying - still it just seems nonsensical and often makes the pet look like it's on drugs). Lenny isn't too bad overall. Sad faced, grey-feathered, and dark rose beak and legs make for an overall okay colour.

Electric is very nice. It uses the cyan on blue scheme very well, and I particularly like the tail feathers, which due to their lighter color seem to stand out more than usual. I'm less certain about the colour blue they used for the beak and legs. While I understand wanting to be consistent, I also think it's maybe a bit too close to the base body colour. Not too shabby.

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Maractite and Biscuit Zafaras

I'm saying this from the start: the Biscuit Zafara is cute beyond all reason. There's just something about that shade of brown, those blue eyes, and that fluffy, chocolate-embedded fur on its chest that just hits about every cuteness chord possible. I also really like the strategic use of chips on the ears. Though some pets have too few chips, I really think they did an excellent job placing them here.

Maractite somehow looks a bit too busy here. I think I prefer simpler and more elegant designs to the patterns that have been appearing lately. Still, it's a very nice colour overall and I think Zafara owners will have good reason to celebrate.

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