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Archive for March 2011:

8bit and Glowing Chomby

Sooooo.... I'm going to start with Glowing. It's not bad overall. The darker spikes and marks work nicely on this pet, and the 'aura' is not too over-done. There's really not much more to say about a Gloving pet.

Strangely, another new colour has been released. 8bit is really unexpected. It's a very interesting idea, though the clothes on the body are a bit strange. They apparently come off, but I wonder if you can put them on any other pet, given that 8bit is effectively flat. The fact that it's showing up at the Rainbow Pool probably means it's not some sort of early April Fools joke. I dislike that it's lab-only, since those colours are a pain to get.

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Woodland Jubjub

The Woodland Jubjub looks like a walking bush which, really, is probably one of the more interesting ways that they've done this colour. The dark blue eyes go well with the leafy green body, but the gray feet throw me off - it makes it look like the Jubjub was previously Relic... Another odd feature is the orange eyebrows, especially since the image in the news has light green ones... Probably TNT will alter it so the eyebrows are all that light green colour.

Not a bad use of this colour overall. Other thoughts and opinions can be made here.

Robot and Snow Scorchio

Robot is pretty interesting. It has nice, see-through parts and I think that TNT was trying to make it look tougher or more menacing by making it look like an Imperial Storm Trooper and using red for the eyes and spikes. On the other hand, the black lines are a bit too thick and make it look a bit strange. It's not a bad colour, though.

Snow turned out quite well . The carrot spikes and branch wings work very well on it. The snowy body looks very nice and is well-detailed. The coal eyes work well and seem to be part of it (rather than just random black blobs). Overall, I think it's actually better than the Robot because it has more subtle details.

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Zombie and Snot Gelert

I'll start with Snot because while there are those who hold a special place in their hearts for this colour, I am not among them. Snot here uses the drippy gooeyness pretty well. It has the nice addition of making the inner ears and nose a darker colour while making the eyes the same shade as the rest of the body (which isn't always the case with Snot pets - many have a more yellow-brown colour). Other than that it's disgusting and oozy - benefits for a Snot pet.

Zombie is interesting. The seams are nicely placed, though I think a bit more of the stitching actually ought to be visible (though this even-handed stitching is actually pretty common among Zombie pets). The eye visible is nicely soulless and filmy, though I think the missing parts on the ears are, perhaps, a bit too smooth. The missing tip is a nice touch, though, as is the mysterious stuff near the Gelert's chin and muzzle.

The shirt of the zombie looks a bit like innards, which is not a bad thing, but it's also a bit too far gone to be recognizable as a shirt. Overall, though, not a bad new addition to the Zombie jamboree.

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Maractite and Chocolate Uni

Unis, being one of the more frilly pets, tend to have fairly decent colours. This Uni Day is no exception. The Maractite Unis is very nice. I really like the swirls and there's just something about the wings that make them look semi-transparent, like maractite-coloured glass. I also like that they made the chest designs simple, since some pets tend to get a lot of geometric designs. The only thing that bugs me is the eyes, but I can't put my finger on why.

The Chocolate Uni is another prime example of all the right things to do with that colour: whip-cream mane and tail with chocolate sprinkles, white chocolate hooves, nice use of dripping (I like the chest swirls a lot), a cool candy-corn horn (which hearkens back to unicorns sometimes having tri-coloured horns), and a literal cherry on top. It's just the right amount of frippery for this pet, and makes me wish they'd release a better way of getting it than a random lab zap or near-unobtainable Fountain Quest.

Other thoughts and opinions may be made here.