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Archive for April 2011:

Woodland and Biscuit Cybunny

Cybunnies made out really well this year. Woodland is very pretty with its leaves and flowers on the gray-brown wood. It's particularly nice how they used a slightly lighter colour for the inner ear and paws. The wreath of flowers around the Woodland's neck looks like a lei, which is a very nice thing. The only thing I think that could have made this even better would have been a flower in the 'hair' part.

Biscuit is also really cute. I really like how they used the darker colour of unbaked cookie dough for the ruff and tail; it's interesting that the outline of these areas is a different colour than the rest of the body, more in keeping with the base colour. I also like the arrangement of chocolate chip bits on these areas, leaving the body almost looking like a sugar cookie. I think it's nice that the eyes are the same colour as the chips.

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8-bit and Speckled Kougra

The Kougra got two nice new colours for their day. 8-bit is the second pet in that colour and comes in a nice blue with a teal shirt and brown pants (though, strangely, the ones in the news have purple ones). My only issue with is that every time I see it the head makes me think of Mickey Mouse!

The Speckled Kougra is interesting. They used the white on the extremities and kept the stripes. It might have been better if they had made the belly white instead of a darker green. Of course, it might have been more interesting to be a naturally speckled pattern like on a leopard or jaguar.

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Zombie and White Lutari

Lutari made out well on their special day. I'll start with White, since there's really not much more to say about it than that it fits in with the basic colour idea. The gray areas are pretty nice and are similar to those on other White pets like the Tonu. With the White Lutari, all current pets may now be painted in this colour.

Zombie is appropriately creepy-looking with its glazed-over eyes and decaying body. There's even a tiny bit of ear missing. I particularly like the mysterious, faded red stains around the claws which are suggestive of blood. The pants are nicely tattered and decayed-looking. A matching shirt might have been nice, but honestly I think the Zombie Lutari looks good as-is.

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Maractite and Camouflage Krawk

Krawk Day has arrived with two spiffy new colours. Maractite looks really neat. I really like the way they put the various swirls and shapes on the body. The only thing that really bugs me is the line on the belly. I'm not sure what that line is supposed to be, but it makes it look like the Maractite Krawk has a pouch...

Camouflage is what Camouflage should be. Always. It has very natural-looking colours that are very well done. It looks like it should be able to hide in a forest or a swamp. The eyes and belly have a strange, almost glowing aspect to them. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be the case, but it makes a very interesting effect. Whether it's good or bad I can't decide. Perhaps it's supposed to be a reference to the Fungus Cave?

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Grey Draik and Grey Xweetok

As befits Grey Day, the two new colours are appropriately depressing. The Grey Draik really does not hold much against the unreleased version of it, but it does its dismal best. The dusky rose wings are, perhaps, a bit too much colour on this pet, but this sort of thing tends to happen with Grey pets.

The Xweetok has that random fist-of-doom still, though with the facial expression it ends up (to me) looking more like it's trying to put on a brave face and wishing its former owner (who's now abandoning it forever) the best of luck while simultaneously trying not to cry. Bonus points for only using the dirty pink in the ears and eyes and nowhere else.

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Maractite and Glowing Shoyru

Glowing does what it's supposed to: look radioactive. There's not much else to say beyond the fact that it has nice aura and the pale inner wing membranes are really nice. The darker tips to the feet look a bit strange, even though they're well within the colour's usual parameters.

Maractite is very pretty.The lighter wing membranes and toe-tips work well and the pattern of swirls are very nice. Though not as light as those on the Usul (which would really have been great) they still do the job nicely, including giving a cute heart-shaped pattern on the Shoyru's tummy/chest.

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