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Archive for July 2011:

Grey and Spotted Ruki

The Grey Ruki is about what you can expect from your average Grey pet: overall grey body, drooping antennae, and eyes that are pinkish from marijuana use - er - crying, yeah, crying the bitter, bitter tears of a neopet who's lost all hope. It has a sort of half-hearted smile in the smaller version but a rather maniac grin in the larger one. This isn't the first time that there's been this sort of disconnect between the news image and 'real' image - nor that a Grey pet has smiled.

Spotted seems to have contracted some of Grey's spots. It's nice overall, but it might have been nicer had TNT decided to do something based on a real insect such as the lady bug. Still, the grey spots are fairly nicely placed and the red eyes are a nice touch.

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Maractite and Split Peophin

The Maractite Peophin is quite pretty. The swirls and geometric designs work very well on their bodies, and I particularly like the design on their chests. I do wish, though, they'd been just a bit lighter in colour. I also wish that the faceplate had been lighter or darker or different somehow, it just blends in too much with the base body colour. I do like how they did the mane, especially the use of the really bright streak in front.

Split is... well... about what you would expect for Split. It's mostly orange with a bit of purple showing due to the angle the peophin is at. It's not great, but it's not horrible either. I sort of wish that they would use two other colours for Split now and again.

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Chocolate and Gold Kiko

For Kiko day we got a nice sweet treat and a pet with a heart of gold (not to mention everything too). Gold is a fairly standard shiny colourfill, and it looks very nice. The shading and shininess are just right for this pet and it fits the colour well.

Chocolate is very nice. The candy corn hands work very well for this pet and the whipped cream and cherry are a nice touch. The overall white drizzle is very nice too, and the pet really does look good enough to eat. Earlier, there was a pink-coloured band aide like usual, but it seems to have been removed. I think this is actually a pretty good idea because, while the band aide was probably made of cotton candy or pink sugar or something, it looked simply odd on the pet.

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Swamp Gas and Skunk Tuskaninny

This is the second time this colour combo has been used, leading some to speculate whether TNT are amusing themselves with the stinky duo. Nonetheless, the Swamp gas colour is turning out to be very nice. It looks as if the pet is actually made entirely out of vapour and is only being held together in the shape of a Tuskaninny by some force of will. The swirls of gas coming off the body really help to emphasize this aspect.

The Skunk Tuskaninny is really very nice overall. The stripe on the back has an oddly jagged appearance that makes me think of lightning and I think they should have gone with a lighter shade of gray for the muzzle and belly, but over all it's not a bad take on that colour.

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Woodland and Glowing Ixi

For Ixi day we got one pet who's roots run deep and another who has a glowing personality. I'll start with the Glowing Ixi. I've always wondered how the shadows on such a pet actually work, since it's presumably giving off its own light, but i then remind myself this is a world of talking pets and magic. I think the best I can say is that this Glowing pet looks similar to others of that colour, though I kind of wish that they had made a toxic symbol for the Ixi's collar.

Woodland is very nice. Instead of just leaves it has both leaves and flowers. The nature of these flowers makes me think that the artist is referencing some specific type of tree, but I'm not sure which. The wooden body looks very nice, though I sort of wish they could have done something with the eyebrows. I like that they used that rose-coloured gem in the necklace, but it only serves to make me wonder more about what type of wood this Ixi is supposed to be.

Overall, not a bad Ixi day, though for some odd reason the images on the front page don't have the collars the larger images do... Other thoughts and opinions can be made here.

Desert Gnorbu

As a surprise, Neopets created the Desert Gnorbu. It's a little hard to figure out what type of desert look the team was going for, though. The headband and beard are perfectly appropriate for a sort of peasant look in the Middle East, but the base clothing looks a lot more like it's Mezoamerican in nature, which isn't a bad thing, but it somehow clashes with the mane and headband. I'm honestly not sure what could have been done to help this poor pet out, though.

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Transparent and Silver Flotsam

Transparent is one of those colours that's both creepy and cool at the same time. It's also explains a lot about neopet anatomy. For the Flotsam the heart and what must be part of the digestive system are visible, but the bone structure is where things get interesting. In the first place, the skull has a slight crack in it. In the second place, for a pet based on a dolphin it doesn't have a dolphin's anatomy. It has nostrils instead of a blow hole and the skull takes up the entire head (instead of the melon doing so) The dorsal fin and flukes have bones even though real dolphins don't (though this is hardly surprising given most other neopets seem to have bones in their ears). It looks cool, even if my inner biologist is screaming all the above. I think I'll have to give him frog pills and remind him it's a cartoon animal.

Silver is very odd. The lighting seems to be coming from below and somewhere to the left somehow. It's also not very silvery - it actually looks more or less like the pattern you'd find on a real life dolphin. Now, this gets cool bonus points in my books because Silver tends to end up being monochrome with shiny highlights and the occasional dark spots to let you know the artist wasn't utterly lazy and simply greyscaled a normal colour of Flotsam. But I really thing the dark, blueish eyes help to establish this pet as not your typical Silver.

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Desert and Gold Acara

Desert looks fantastic. It's base fur colour is a lighter shade of brown than the Brown Acara and it gives the illusion that the paws, ears, and eyes are also lighter too. The dress is harder to evaluate right now due to the one at the Rainbow Pool being naked, however I like that they went with the more Egyptian-style look for the cobrall crown and fake beard as well as the interesting eyeshadow. I'm less sure that the kilt really works on this pet. It looks almost like a diaper and I'm pretty sure that's not the effect they wanted. Still, it's a good colour overall, and I can't wait to see it in full at the Rainbow Pool.

Gold is a very nice rendering of that colour. It looks metallic and the eyes are neither creepy nor too saturated. I love the fact that they used different colours of gold for different spots on the body. Some gold pets end up looking too solidly coloured. The dark and light patches are perfect and keep it from the more buttery look that can too easily happen.

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Swamp Gas and Skunk Kau (late)

Swamp Gas is a really weird new colour. It looks a bit like a combination og Ghost and Glowing, where they darkened up Glowing's green colouration and added the whispy smoky bits from Ghost. I'm certainly hoping that it doesn't smell as bad as it's namesake, but given the news I suspect that it does. I guess if they ever come up with a way to smell the site's pets - I'll be turning that function off.

Skunk looks really nice. It's typical for most other Skunk pets, and its one of those patterns that really make me wish they could be applied to other base colours. I can only wonder whether this means we'll have Limburger Kau milk now...

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