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Archive for August 2011:

Mutant Chomby

The Mutant Chomby is a perfect example of the right way to do a mutant pet. It looks just enough like a Chomby to qualify, but is nicely twisted. The extra limbs are a really great touch, and the blotches/armor on its side look wonderful. The broken back plates are a very nice touch and I just love the face, evil and menacing yet primitive and brutish as well. This would make an excellent villain if they ever have another Tyrannia plot. I also like how the neck has been shortened and thickened and how it's just huge compared to its non-Mutant brethren.

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Woodland and Sketch Grundo [late]

The Sketch Grundo is more or less typical for the post-revamp changes. It's basically a white pet with cyan lines all over it. I really don't understand the purpose of having made a perfectly good, flat colour into something three-dimensional, especially since there are so many other exceptions to the general rule and the new 8-bit colour itself is flat.

Woodland is a definitely an interesting twist on that colour. It has veins running up and down it like it's a leaf. The ears are very leafy and the tip of its head and hands are green, as if it is some sort of bi-colored leaf. I think they were going for an 'alien plant' thing and they succeeded. It's a nice colour with nice details that definitely looks like something out of this world.

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Relic and Skunk Meerca

Both of the new Meerca colours look pretty nice. Relic is a good use of the stony base and the cracks and textures of stone. Meerca make great statues, apparently, though the random fist o' doom along with the goofy grin makes me think it's been hit by the Medusa Transducer.

Skunk is a very appropriate colour for the Meerca, though I wish the black sections were actually darker. It sort of looks like the Skunk has been through the wash a couple times and has faded. Apparently the strip also goes under the tail too, which I suppose makes sense.

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Transparent and Custard Blumaroo

I don't like Custard as a colour very much (shocking, I know), but the Custard Blumaroo at least looks half decent and not like a yellow version of Snot. It actually looks sort of custardy, but I still wouldn't want to have one of my pets in that colour, much less eat it.

Transparent is a bit odd. The Blumaroo's skeleton looks overall okay. I love that they included an actual digestive tract even if it mostly looks like purple noodles. The skull, however, I find a bit strange. It's been established to have actual bones in the ears, so while it bugs me a bit, I keep reminding myself that it's become almost par for the course. The nose, however, is also solid, which seems quite odd. I'd have expected it to be more like the Elephante but apparently what looks like a nose is more or less solid skull that even breaks in two around the jaw line! In fact, there are no nostril marks at all, which makes me wonder if the are anosmiatic or if they have some other way of smelling. The eyes are about the same size as the exterior eyes (with no eye holes) but if you look carefully, you'll see there are indentations around them, which leads me to wonder if the artist simply forgot to darken them enough.

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Swamp Gas Ogrin

Neopets decided to randomly theme a stinky day today, and as a result the Ogrin can now be made into Swamp Gas. Go Ogrin?

Swamp Gas is a pretty interesting colour in the fact that TNT tries very hard to make the pet look as if it's literally solidified Swamp Gas. This brings it on par with colours like Magma, Ice, Jelly and similar colours that are supposed to be what their colour says. This opposes the colour to ones like Cloud and Electric which are basically patterns.

The Swamp Gas Ogrin fits the bill pretty nicely. It looks similar enough to the other Swamp Gas pets, though, that it doesn't stand out that much. Strangely, TNT didn't also release a Skunk Ogrin which would also have made thematic sense and would have fit the pattern of Skunk and Swamp Gas being released together on a pet day.

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Royal Tonu

For the Discovery of Meridell, the Tonu got the Royal treatment. The artists decided to go with the Indian (as opposed to African) rhino-version of the Tonu.

The base colours look very nice, if similar to Purple and Blue. The clothing is spectacular, with good use of patterns on the clothes to help them look even better. The Royal Boy has nice gold on green patterns which transitions nicely into golden areas around the shoulder to allow for the change from green base to red sleeves without making eye-clashing horribleness. The dark teal shoes and tail tip holder (or whatever it is) are nice touches and the turban looks really neat, especially the feather. There is something about the face and turban combo that bugs me, but I can't figure out what.

Royal Girl is also very nice in red, gold, and orange. Her overall clothing design is no less complicated than Royal Boy's, but it has a nice elegance to it that keeps it from being cluttered. Like the Royal Boy, she sports a bit of tail jewelry, but has the additional benefit of having a bit of horn-tip jewelry. Her -er - forelegs? are apparently bare as opposed to the sleeved Royal Boy's. She also has a bit of braided hair. Since this undoubtedly is part of the 'hat' area, I can't help but wonder how it will look on different Tonu bases.

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