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Archive for January 2012:

Eventide Draik

Eventide is a really gorgeous colour on its own, and the Draik is a really cool pet. Put them together and you get the perfect combo! The Draik has much more headroom than the Aisha does, so the stars are much more populous. The cloud in the middle of the chest is certainly a nice touch. I can easily see how this is a simple colour (in that it looks almost like a colourfill) but the end results are still beautiful to behold.

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Woodland and Strawberry Elephante

Both colours are fairly interesting and well-done, though I really do think TNT would have done better to give the Woodland Elephante more bushiness, There's an awful lot of body for so little greenery. I can't help but wonder if the top middle bit of wood and the stem on the strawberry are removable and wearable (given that they're about where the normal wearable gem would be).

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Swamp Gas and Silver Buzz

I can't say that this was a very impressive Buzz Day as far as colours go. Silver is basically a shiny colourfill, though I suppose anyone with a Gold Buzz can now have a Gold and Silver Sterling set.

Swamp Gas gassy? It's a fairly decent colour overall, but I think they might have done better if the wings had been entirely made of gas instead of having vapour coming off them like the rest of the body.

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Eventide and 8-bit Aisha

TNT has been coming up with some very interesting new colours lately, and Eventide is one of the more beautiful ones. It looks like the Aisha has been painted with sunset, including a little cloud and stars on its head. of course, it could have just as easily have been morning-tide or dawn since the sunrise and sunset are similar to one another.

8-bit is amusing as a new addition to the Aisha colour line.

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