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Archive for April 2014:

Stealthy and Pastel Cybunny

Stealthy has all the cool, dark colours one could expect from something that sneaks around. The tied ears with the blue, pupil-less eyes give it an oddly alien look, though. Pastel is very cute. It's cream colour overall is very nice. I wish that they had switched out the pink and light green areas, but overall it's a good job.

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Woodland and Snot Kougra

Woodland is very different than most other varieties. It keeps an orange colour and has an odd look as though it was carved into. I'm not sure what type of natural wood it's supposed to be. Also unlike other variants of woodland, it doesn't have any bits of leaves or flowers sticking out of it.

Snot is appropriately slimy. The fact that the stripes retain their darker colouring is both fascinating and disgusting. The yellow eyes are also a very nice touch.

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Transparent and Dimensional Krawk

Transparent has an interesting anatomy. The spiky, nontransparent spikes are a nice touch. Dimensional is... very, very bright. It looks like it could almost be called nova. Other thoughts and opinions can be made here.

Stealthy and Pastel Shoryu

Purple again seems to be the colour of the day for the two newest shoryus. Stealthy, of course, has a much cooler, darker version that goes very well with its clothing. I particularly like the various glowing bits on it that match the eyes.

I suppose Pastel could be purple or pink, maybe lavender? In any case, more thoughts and opinions could be shared here.