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Archive for June 2014:

Wraith and Biscuit Acara

There's something just a little off about the Wraith Acara's smile. There have been other happy-looking Wraith pets before, but this seems different somehow. Perhaps it's the pose. I find it hard to take very seriously. The current angry pose (unless TNT fixes it) looks even more cheerful somehow.

Biscuit would be much more sensible as a sand colour. I really do not understand why some Biscuit pets end up looking as though they are made of sand. I know TNT is in a bit of a crunch right now when it comes to stuff, but it has really gorgeous shading, surely it wouldn't have been too difficult to add one or two actual chocolatey bits.

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Maractite and Dimensional Kau

The Maractite Kau is about all you can expect from that colour. The markings are nice overall, though the rings on the horns and that squiggle on muzzle look out of place (particularly the squiggle).

The Dimensional Kau is It's got some interesting red waves on its body. I'm not sure why it has a bell around its neck though. I'm going to assume it's a reference to something, though.

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Snow and Dimensional Jubjub

The Jubjub is an interesting little pet, and its colours tend to have to work around the fact it's basically a body with feet. Snow is often not the most interesting of colours, but TNT does try. However, I can't help but look at the poor thing and wonder if it ends up in the wrong place in a snowball fight.

Dimensional is an interesting colour on its own, and I think TNT does a good job of making the highlights work well with the Jubjub. The glowing orbs for eyes are a particularly nice touch.

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