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Archive for November 2014:

Maraquan and Split Xweetok

After the move it seems some folks have gotten very, very creative. I'll cover Split first, though, since there isn't much to say. It's pretty average for its colour type.

Maraquan is very colourful but also a bit confusing. It looks like some sort of sea slug with coral antlers and...some weird thing as a tail... It's very unique.

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Wraith and Eventide Usul

TNT really knocked it out of the ballpark with the two newest Usul colours. Both of them are gorgeous! Wraith is very nicely evil-looking, and the glowing edge to the mane is perfect. I especially like that they made the eyes glowing yellow instead of the usual purple, which I think really sets it apart. For Eventide they made great use of the tail and mane for the starry pattern and did a nice job using the red and lighter blue for the paws and body.

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The Vandagyre

For its 15th anniversary, Neopets has created a new pet, the Vandagyre. For those familiar with certain roleplaying games, they look like a cuter, friendlier version of an owlbear. For now, there are only the basic four colours, but hopefully there will soon be more.

Personally, I like them and think they're very cute. I wonder what the message about the Great Feather was with the NC freebie. I hope that TNT may create a backstoy plot for them like they did with the Bori, though I think it's unlikely.

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Stealthy and Camouflage Pteri

It's pretty odd that Neopets did the same colours for the Pteri that they did for the Korbat. Not that this hasn't happened before, but it's not usually been this close.

Stealthy has the darker shades that is appropriate to its name. I can't tell what's supposed to be going on with that beak, though... the muffler looks far too short for a normal Pteri beak to be there. I do like that the belt has a little head on the buckle. I think it is supposed to be a Pteri head, though I'm not sure.

Camouflage is pretty gorgeous. Had they included more colors (like red, orange, yellow and purple), it could have made for an interesting alternative to Rainbow. For those who might argue that would hardly be camouflage, I would point out that some of the camouflage pets have bizarre colours. In any case, the swirling patterns are lovely.

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Halloween Elephante and Zombie Lenny

The Halloween Elephante is outstanding! I really love that they chose to do a wizard-type rather than a monster-type. It's not like there's a shortage of witches (or vampires, devils, or even skeletons), but it's nice to see a magic user that doesn't have a pointed hat! The golden eyes almost look like they're glowing and I like the way the headpiece is shaped. I also like the mystical blue glow.

The Zombie Lenny has all the usual zombie colours but that shirt and tie make me think that he's simply been in the office far too long - though it's likely something TNT can relate to.

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