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Archive for February 2015:

Elderly Mynci

To be honest, neither of the Elderly Mynci really come off that well for me. Though there are wrinkly lines around the moths and bottoms of the faces, there's nothing on the brows and the ones on the female look almost more like scars. While the scraggly hair of the male is a nice touch the beard looks tact on. The hair curlers with those little stray hairs and mole are also nice on the female. I like that they included ear hair. The clothes are okay overall, but I'm not sure they really are all that 'elderly'.

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Zombie and Pastel Tonu

The Zombie Tonu looks like some poor farmer has come back from the grave. It has interesting stitches, almost like Frankenstein's monster. The cracked and broken toenails and horn are particularly good touches, and the wiry, crazy-looking mane is also good.

Pastel is really nice, and I enjoy that they use multiple colours in a good, logical way. It falls into the category of another purple/pink pastel pet, but at least they used brighter oranges, yellows and blues than the usual green they tend to place with this colour.

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Stealthy and Dimensional Chia

Stealthy has a more 'evil overlord' look to it than is usual. Dimensional is very glowy on the outside but isn't anything particularly spectacular.

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Maractite and Polka Dot Lenny

Maractite has a nice, Tronish look to it. The delicate swirls on the feathered head are quite nice and the tail feathers look almost like they are held up by glowing lines. Polka Dot is an interesting new colour. It certainly looks very festive, though the back legs colour confuses me - it looks more like it should be in front.

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8-Bit and Dimensional Zafara

8-Bit is pretty cute. I always liked this particular colour and the newest addition is no exception. It looks like it belongs in an actual old-school video game.

Dimensional has a nice glowing effect around the edges thanks to the very dark blue and purplish swirls of its body.

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