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Archive for March 2015:

Water and Strawberry Chomby

Water looks to be okay. The wave patterns on its body sort of make it look a bit wrinkly but there are nice tips of foam near the tail and spike tips. Strawberry is also okay, though I'm surprised they didn't use leaves for the spikes.

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Woodland and Eventide Scorchio

Woodland's colour scheme is a little confusing. It looks almost like it fell into mud and came out dirty with random twigs sticking out of it. It's apparently based on the rainbow eucalyptus, which actually does have some cool-looking rainbow patterns. I still wish the wings were a bit fuller.

Eventide, however, is very gorgeously done and has a very nice use of the stars on the tip of the tail and wings and its bright interior is a nice touch.

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Pastel and Stealthy Gelert

The Stealthy Gelert is at the Rainbow Pool, though the Pastel is still missing. The base colours of Stealthy are nice while the clothing is very interesting. There are hooks on the ears and tails, a nicely ripped, dark cloak, and is otherwise put together very well. It has a very nice assassin vibe to it.

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8-Bit and Biscuit Uni

8-Bit, that's bad. I can't imagine where it's fourth leg went off to, and it's perhaps the worst done of all the 8-bit pets. The colours are okay, but the artist really missed the mark overall.

Biscuit is actually pretty nice, I like how they incorporated the chocolate bits into the mane as well as the use for hooves and eyes. The shading is also very nice and you can see they tried to texture it like a cookie. The only thing off about it is that yellow horn. They probably should also have made it chocolate.

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