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Archive for October 2015:

8-bit Korbat

It's been a while since there's been an 8-bit pet, and the new Korbat is looking pretty good. It's a little hard to tell exactly what it's wearing (cold be a tunic, dress, or really big shirt), but I could definitely see it flapping around in an old side-scrolling game.

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Stealthy and Eventide Jetsam

Stealthy's colours are okay, but the headwraps make it look like it's trying to be a mummy. It's not helped by the fact this is continued on the fins and tail. Eventide, on the other hand looks gorgeous. Whoever did it managed to not only make the transitions very subtle but keep them in line with the outline as well. The stars and clouds are perfectly placed as well.

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Stealthy Bori

The Stealthy Bori has an interesting look, though it's a bit hard to know if it's supposed to look that angry all the time. The wrappings and spikes give it an oddly Darigan look (which is helped by the colour scheme). Overall, though it's pretty good.

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Transparent and Dimensional Eyrie

Transparent is interesting. The only odd part is how the skull area looks. It seems almost like one solid piece. It's also too bad that they couldn't have made the mane area a bit more transparent to show under it. It might have looked a bit darker under it but it seems a little odd it should be solid.

Dimensional looks okay. The light effect looks interesting on the ears, especially since they seem to be trying to keep the details.

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Tyrannian and Swamp Gas Grarrl

It seems the new team isn't afraid to try colour combos we weren't expecting to see. The Tyrannian Grarrl certainly looks very interesting. The spikes seem neatly done (though they could probably have used one more behind the cheek). The spots are nice, though I think a slightly different coloured belly might have been more interesting.

Swamp Gas is okay as well. The artist certainly didn't hold back on the gas decorations! It might be just a bit too much, though

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Pastel and Water Techo

The Pastel Techo is very nicely done. It has a lot of good complimentary colours and all of them in a nice, soft shade. There's an oddly dark line around the belly, though.

Water is pretty okay. The tail looks a little odd near the base and the insides look a little off somehow, but it's a fairly okay colour overall.

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