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Archive for November 2015:

Baby Vandagyre

The Baby Vandagyre is really adorable! It has a nice tilt that makes it look very inquisitive - which also fits with its more owl-like features. This also makes Baby the first colour outside the basic ones to have all current Neopets painted in it.

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Polka Dot Mynci and Ogrin

The Polka Dot Mynci returns to the more usual red outer areas. The polka dots are generous but a bit too evenly distributed on the belly.

The Polka Dot Ogrin is very interesting. It retains its stripes and it has the new green colour, though not as bright as on the Vandagyre. I really like how it looks overall, and there's even hints of another colour along the outline of the head and parts of the back and legs.

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Purple and Polka Dot Vandagyre

Much like other Purple pets, the Purple Vandagyre is purple all over, though unlike the others the lighter spot is more pink than usual. Personally I'd have preferred it to stay white.

Polka Dot is very, very chartreuse. This is unlike the other Polka Dot pets who tend to have a deep red as an accent. I suppose this means we might expect other colours to become main ones for Polka Dot in the future, but I'm really hoping they use this chartreuse colour sparingly.

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8-bit Cybunny and Water Meerca

The 8-bit Cybunny is really cute and I could easily see it in some sort of side-scroll game.

The Water Meerca is kind of furry. It looks as though the artist was trying very hard to make interesting edges for the water, but it ends up looking as though the Meerca has furry watery edges.

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Strawberry Blumaroo and Pastel Acara

As part of their birthday celebration, Neopets is releasing new pet colours and outfits. Today it's the Strawberry Blumaroo and Pastel Acara.

The Strawberry Blumaroo is okay. The colours don't jar too badly and they did a really nice job with the seeds. It doesn't have any leafy bits, but it's a little hard to figure out where they'd go without making the ears or tail look odd or randomly sticking a stem on the head.

The Pastel Acara is very interesting. The pale green, yellow, and white make it almost look like one of the spookier pets, sort of undead colours. It's really not bad overall, though.

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Biscuit and Strawberry Pteri

Biscuit is pretty well done. It has plenty of chocolate chips and its overall colouration makes it look like it's made from actual cookie dough. I like that they tried to differentiate between areas and the darker feet and beak look like they're probably made out of chocolate. The belly has a more cinnamon colour to it, and I'm not sure if it and the base colour ought to have been switched.

Strawberry is okay, but I wish they had made the feet a bit darker and maybe didn't have the green area around the eyes. I'm a little surprised they didn't give it leafy hair but the leafy tail works out nicely. The seeds are also well-distributed.

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Zombie Koi

Entering the ranks of the undead, the Zombie Koi looks pretty nice. I like the greenish whiskers and head-mark. The torn shirt is also nice - it almost looks a bit like a sushi wrap.

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