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Archive for December 2015:

Maractite Xweetok

The Maractite Xweetok has nice, subtle markings on it. The mane and tail are darker than usual for a Maractite pet, and lack some of the swirly design usually found on them, but it otherwise looks okay.

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Checkered and Disco Ogrin

Checkered is very nice. The pattern is very well done over the Ogrin's body and they even took into account making it lighter and darker in the appropriate areas. Disco is also very well done, the colours are appropriately bright. If it is lacking in anything, it would be some clothing item like an ascot or sunglasses or similar.

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Christmas Hissi

It's certainly very red. It actually looks a bit like a cherry candy cane, so that works out. There are nice green bits and the red and white belly works out very nicely. I do wish they had included an item as well, even a scarf or a hat would have made this more like a usual Christmas pet.

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Dimensional Usul

I was a little confused when the Dimensional Usul appeared, its yellow colouring made me immediately think of Gold instead, even though there's already a Gold Usul. It's not bad, but it is a bit confusing. It's not like we haven't had Dimensional pets close to that colour before either, both the Dimensional Kwark and the Dimensional Yurble are fairly brightly coloured, but they also have a lot of spots (and are, perhaps, a tad more orange).

Oddly enough, while it has its tail bow it seems to be missing its ear bands, unless they just blend in too well to see or were forgotten at this stage (the official Rainbow Pool version not being out at the time of this writing).

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8-bit and Mutant Wocky

8-bit looks pretty nice. It seems a bit complicated for an 8-bit character, but then I've always supposed the colour was more 'arcade retro gaming' than strictly 8-bit pixels per se.

Mutant is... um... swirly? It has claws for ears a Kraumpus-sized tongue, sharp teeth, pupil-less red eyes, and tentacle-like mane, but it really doesn't scream 'mutant' otherwise.

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Water Bruce

The Water Bruce is pretty cute. The effects are nice overall even though it lacks anything like the waves that most Water pets tend to have. Other thoughts and opinions can be made here.