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Archive for May 2016:

Sponge and Woodland Yurble

It's been a while since we've had a Sponge pet, and the Sponge Yurble does not disappoint (unless, of course, you don't like the colour). I'm very glad they used purple since anything yellowish would probably have looked more like Swiss cheese.

Woodland is pretty gorgeous. The artist did a really great job with shading this and the grassy-looking areas for the mane and tail work perfectly. The hole in the arm is a nice touch too!

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Biscuit and Stealthy Koi

Biscuit is pretty nice overall. It has a couple of different shades of colour on it and a goodly amount of chocolate chips, which is more than some can boast.

Stealthy is in keeping with the darker colours appropriate to its name as well as the odd spiky bits which, I assume, is supposed to imply its an assassin of some sort.

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Eventide and Camouflage Moehog

Both colours look lovely. Eventide is really nicely done. Whoever did it took the time to ensure that the mane was done in the brighter colours rather than just a continuation of the head and the nose is nicely darker than the rest too. The only area that looks odd is the hooves, but I'm not sure much could have been done with them.

Camouflage is a very nice blend. It looks almost exactly like something an actual hunter might wear and could easily fit in with a forested setting, particularly in the fall. The patterns even look leaf-like.

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8-bit and Jelly Hissi

I'm still not sure why TNT named the colour 8-bit when what they really seem to mean is 'pixel', since not all of them are strictly 8-bit in nature, however, the new 8-bit Hissi looks very cool.

Jelly is also very nice. It's very slightly translucent and the colour itself is not bad.

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Woodland and Custard Lupe

Someone spent a lot of time making the bark on the Woodland Lupe look very nice, but the leaves on the forehead look a bit tacked on. The twig and leaf near the back is a nice touch, but I can't help but wonder what it might look like if the tail tip were made of leaves.

Custard isn't too bad. It's not a favourite colour of mine, but I think it works well for what it does.

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