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Archive for July 2016:

Stealthy and Swamp Gas Peophin

Stealthy is really gorgeous. The outfit is nice and sleek and uses good contrast between the lighter yellows and browns and the darker underneath. Oddly enough, the mesh areas remind me of fishnet shirts and if separable could make for a nice rave outfit.

Swamp Gas is also pretty nice. It almost looks like it's on fire with the gas itself, and I sort of wish all the Fire pets had a similar type of aura.

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Pastel and Dimensional Kiko

The two newest Kiko colours are unaccountably missing their hair and bandages. Whether this will be the case when they get to the Rainbow Pool remains to be seen.

Pastel is a very nice blue and pink combo while Dimensional has a nicely sunny golden colour.

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Wraith and Zombie Tuskaninny

For Tuskaninny day, two new colours were promised, but so far only one has been in the news. The Wraith looks pretty nice. It sort of reminds me of a villain I saw in a cartoon once that had been afflicted with a condition of negative energy. A bit crazy-looking, and a fair amount of Kirby dots.

The Zombie Tuskaninny is appropriately dead and creepy-looking. I like how its mouth looks like it's stitched up and there seems to be a bit of bone sticking out of its tail.

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Water and Swamp Gas Ixi

Water looks very pretty. The little fountain effect on the chest is particularly nice! I also like the effects on the hooves and tail, but I wish they'd done something similar with the head fur.

Swamp Gas has some very interesting effects. The stone on the collar stands out and I'm not sure why. I think if they'd made it more of a sickly green it might have fitted in better.

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Woodland and Wraith Flotsam

Woodland is a really neat concept! I like that they decided to make it look like something that would be found underwater instead of randomly giving it leaves and bark. I also really like that they avoided simply putting seaweed on it too! What it looks like could easily fit in with coral reefs.

My immediate thought with Wraith was that it looked like a Rorschach test with an added purple colour. I know it's supposed to be three-dimensional but it's really hard for me to see it that way. It's nice, but just oddly flat-looking.

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8-bit and Chocolate Acara

8-bit looks really cute! It looks ready to go on some sort of side-scrolling adventure! It's clothes might be a bit less colourful, but it looks good overall.

Someone put a lot of work into Chocolate! The details of drizzling are quite gorgeous and the inner waffle ears and paws are very cute. I'll admit the horns look a bit odd, but I think it works together well as a whole!

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