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Archive for August 2016:

Glowing and Dimensional Kyrii

Glowing is very odd. The shadow and light on the body are almost inverse of where I'd have expected them to be. Otherwise it's very nice for Glowing.

Dimensional is very well done. The neon blue outline contrasts well with the dark purple interior and the swirls are a nice touch.

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Mutant Nimmo

They certainly went all out with this colour! It has a goodly number of warts and spikes (the three on its head looking almost like a crown). The sort of fish goatee is also a nice touch. Its skin is very nicely shiny in places too. Overall the colour scheme is pretty good. Incidentally, this leaves the Vandagyre as the only pet without a Mutant variety.

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Elderly Grundo

Both of the Elderly Grundo look a good bit more like alien frogs than I would have expected. That said, both of them are fairly cute in their own way.

It's a little odd that the male's sweater lacks a button, but otherwise it's pretty nice and the pants and shoes are pretty cool too. The hat looks a bit off somehow and I initially mistook the cane for a golf club, but if I owned a Grundo I'd be tempted to paint it Elderly if only to get most of these clothes.

The female lacks a held item (a rolling pin would have been perfect) but her clothes and hair also look pretty nice. That said, there's something just a bit off about how her dress curves around her body that makes it a bit less appealing than the male's attire.

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Ice and Woodland Meerca

Ice looks appropriately well-sculpted and has nice, shiny edges. It is slightly translucent too, which is important and most obvious around the ears.

Woodland is certainly different. It looks almost like someone pulled out a potato from the ground. It's certainly different than most other Woodland pets, but in a good way.

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Clay and Wraith Blumaroo

Clay is It has a few holes in it, but honestly it doesn't look all that much like it's really made of clay.

Wraith is pretty nice. It's fairly par for the course with that colour, but the tail has a nicely pointed tip, almost like a Darigan colour.

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