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Archive for November 2016:

Custard and Clay Usul

Dear, sweet Fyora what is going on with that Usul's tail?! I can forgive the lack of overall interesting colour (to me the Custard colour is one step away from recoloured Snot), but there's something just wrong with that mustard-coloured blotch on the tail and backside of the Usul.

Clay isn't too bad. It's pretty par for the course at this point. Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

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White and Faerie Vandagyre

The White Vandagyre is pretty par for the course for White pets. I'm not sure they could have done much more with it, though some pets benefited from having a more creamy belly or body. The dark head and ear tufts look slightly odd, but otherwise it's okay. I think it might have worked better if they had extended it around the front and maybe on the top of the shoulders.

Someone had a lot of fun with the Faerie Vandagyre. It's certainly got to be one of the most psychedelic Faerie pets, but it looks very cool and is certainly colourful! The antennae are very cute and the wings are also very nice. Overall I think it's a good job!

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Note: With these new colours all current Neopets may now be painted in White and Faerie!

8-bit and Water Pteri

8-bit has a rather unimpressed look, but otherwise is pretty nice. Though the colours are different, it somehow makes me think of Pirate (I blame the striped shirt).

Water is really good and I love the little waves on the tips of the feathers. The splashing water on its head is also very cool.

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