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Archive for February 2017:

Candy and Marble Elephante

The two new colours are both completely gorgeous!

Candy looks really great. And tasty. *drools* I love that they made the gem into something that looks like a peppermint candy and the rest of the form follows the theme very well.

Marble is very interesting, though the assorted air bubbles make me think more of glass. All the same, it is a very nice combination of colours and very well done overall.

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Swamp Gas and Water Mynci

Swamp Gas is pretty par for the course. The aura is not too heavy-handed and thee rest of it looks okay.

Water is pretty nice. I like the way they include little gushers on top of the Mynci's head. Its body is nicely translucent and I like the tip of the tail.

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Snot and Custard Tonu

...ew, ick, ew, ick, ew... *sighs* I suppose it was only a matter of time. At least they didn't simply recolour them.

Snot is appropriately gross. I'm not sure what's supposed to be going on with the mane, but I'm sure it's nothing several weeks of washing wouldn't cure.

Custard once again suffers from darker mustard blotches disease - undoubtedly due to those Alien Aishas. Such a sad fate for such a proud Neopet.

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Jelly and Disco Chia

Jelly is pretty nice. It's appropriately translucent and even has little bubbles inside it.

Disco is totally groovy! The colours are just perfect and I love the return of the accessories - far too few Disco pets have them and, to me, they make it more than just a fill colour.

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Biscuit and Clay Lenny

The Biscuit Lenny is very nicely done for the most part. The body and feathers are gorgeously textured. The beak and feet are appropriately chocolaty, but the lines are just too dark and it makes them stand out rather than blend in.

Clay is, well, clay. It has some nice texturing and the usual sort of colour but it's nothing to write home about.

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Custard and Relic Zafara

Custard is pretty detailed. More detailed than usual, anyway. The spots are maybe a bit too subtle, but then again it's better than looking like mustard.

Relic is pretty cool. The cracks are interesting and the missing pieces are nice. The only odd thing are the shiny eyes, though I suppose it's to make the pet look alive.

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