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Biscuit and Zombie Kacheeks

After a very lacklustre Biscuit Aisha, the Biscuit Kacheek goes back to the usual chocolate chip approach. The chips on the chest looked rather like a paw print to me when I first saw it, which would have been a little odd, but it is otherwise a fairly standard Biscuit pet. Not exciting, but it does the job.

The Zombie Kacheek captures the colour very well: it is genuinely creepy (which is unusual in a Neopet), though that is mostly the mouth. The dark eyes are different to the other Zombie pets (which are all white with tiny dots for pupils) and the skin is detailed with spots and veins. Its is simple, but also detailed. It is not the sort of pet that I like, however, I think it is a good example of Zombie as a colour.

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