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Transparent and Chocolate Wockies

After a couple months of no new species, Transparent finally has another species under it's belt - the Wocky. Much like the Skeith, the ears of this Neopet seem to be made out of hard bone rather than soft cartilage. I suppose this would make identifying the skulls of the species easier. In any case, much like the Skeith, the colour looks fairly cool. It could be argued that the blocking gray ruff and the furry tail belie a true x-ray but then, it's not the X-ray paintbrush anyway. Plus I imagine the artist was stuck both with the customization mandates as well as the awkwardness of how the neck bones would work out in this relatively neckless pet.

Chocolate is practically a work of art. They seem to have run out of the usual chocolate sprinkles and are now using nice multicolour sprinkles. I'm not sure the tiny cherry on top is really needed, I think it blends in a bit with the sprinkles, but it's still a nice thought. There are cute waffle ears as well as a whip cream ruff, which is entirely appropriate for this pet. The brown body is enlivened by what has got to be one of the best designs since the Chocolate Chomby. It helps that they bothered to lace all around the legs too.

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