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These are the results of voting on the Customisation revamps. The current poll has been running since September 2009, and the previous results (from August 2007 to December 2008, and December 2008 to September 2009) are also displayed.

Overall Results:
Current Results (September 2009 onwards):
Currently, the five most popular Customisation revamps are the while the five least popular are the . people have voted so far.

From December 2008 to September 2009:
Most popular pets: Aisha, Peophin, Draik, Korbat and Flotsam
Least popular pets: Lutari, Hissi, Koi, Xweetok and Quiggle
Number of voters: 804
Votes cast: 43416
Overall votes: 26.1% new, 35.8% old and 38.0% neutral.

From August 2007 to December 2008:
Most popular pets: Peophin, Aisha, Flotsam, Draik and Korbat
Least popular pets: Lutari, Koi, Hissi, Wocky and Xweetok
Number of voters: 1748
Votes cast: 94367
Overall votes: 31.7% new, 34.7% old and 33.6% neutral.

Species Results:
For each species, the current result is given. This is then displayed graphically: the left side indicates the percentage in favour of the newer version, the central grey area is the percentage which is neutral, and the right side indicates the percentage which prefers the older version.

Below the current vote, the results for earlier voting on that species are displayed, to show how these have changed over time. The top line for each species indicates the current result, from September 2009 onwards; the middle line displays the results of voting between December 2008 and September 2009; and the last line displays the votes prior to December 2008.

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