Just beat NeoQuest II!

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Just beat NeoQuest II!

Post by nomigid15 »

Woo! I can finally cross that off of my Neo to-do list.
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Re: Just beat NeoQuest II!

Post by Jazzy »

Congratulations! Are you going to do it again at the other difficulty levels? :P (I don't think I ever managed that, once was enough for me!)
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Re: Just beat NeoQuest II!

Post by Madge »

NQ2 was a fun challenge!!! Congrats. Oh my god.

I had a greasemonkey extension that did autotravel... that got rid of a lot of the drudgery of using maps/etc.

I did use the "don't get Talinia" strategy for one of my runthroughs (I think Evil difficulty, I didn't want to risk the smaller party on InSaNe? though it's probably on this forum somewhere...)

viewtopic.php?f=15&t=8777&p=159805&hili ... ia#p159805

aaaand now i'm looking through all my old posts. The memories!!!
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