Baby uni, baby pteri UFA

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Baby uni, baby pteri UFA

Post by Larkspurlane »

I have a new account theme/idea I'm super excited about but alas, I need space. :(

Ideally, I would like these pets to just be held on a long-term basis by an NCer with an empty side account (since I still like these pets) but I realize that is quite a big favour to ask, since pet space is at such a premium for everyone. So, if no-one has a random empty side that they wouldn't mind having these 2 babies as squatters on, they are UFA (let them rot if you want, but I just don't wanna see them traded around on the PC): (2 bc, 1 petpet spot, 1 ppl trophy)

Neomails are preferred: ... rkspurlane
A kind NCer will hold them on an empty side when it ages :D

Aona the robot peophin and Loreena the ghost peophin are both straight-up UFA, no strings attached. NM if interested. Aona and Loreena are gone.
Thank you for the av and sig set!
Larkspurlane @ neo
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