Quigukigirl Error

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Quigukigirl Error

Post by Shiloh »

Sorry if this was the wrong place to post

http://www.neocolours.me.uk/viewpet.php ... r&pose=all
Should be Quigukigirl, the 'l' is missing :)
Also, this pet is grandfathered:

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Re: Quigukigirl Error

Post by EofS »

I believe the missing l is because Neopets themselves accidentally missed it out: http://images.neopets.com/pets/quiggle_ ... r_baby.gif
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Re: Quigukigirl Error

Post by Usul_Princess »

Even as quiguki hater, (for obvious reasons) It's sad to see that the counterpart didn't get grandfathered. I feel sorry for the people who had a "pair" (Royal/usuki/quig) that didn't get their "partner" saved. That said, UC Quiguiki boys are the rarest UC in existance. I always wondered why I never saw any UC girls.

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Re: Quigukigirl Error

Post by Jazzy »

The l is missing for exactly that reason, but thanks for letting me know it was actually grandfathered.
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