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This site currently contains features such as a pet colour viewer, pet size comparisons, a guide to unusual colours, images of past revamps, a generator to show how pets on an account look together, and discussion forums. There is also a Subeta colour viewer.

New Colours
marble koi
marble koi
relic koi
relic koi
custard moehog
custard moehog
jelly moehog
jelly moehog
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Most recent news entries:
26/05/2017 - Marble and Relic Koi
Marble is very nice. I particularly like how the rainbow swirl continues down into the tail. Relic is okay, but the dark lines really make the b...
16/05/2017 - Custard and Jelly Moehog
Custard has the usual slimy bits and pieces that look like dried mustard. Much like the Custard Bori, the eyes are not actually coloured Custard to...
05/05/2017 - Biscuit and Custard Hissi
Biscuit is pretty nice overall. The texture saves it from looking too much like Brown and the use of chocolate for the spots really works very well...
03/05/2017 - Clay and Dimensional Lupe
28/04/2017 - Elderly Cybunny
25/04/2017 - Candy Kougra
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